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There’s a bit of confusion among business owners with regard to SEO and content marketing. How do you approach the two; and are they mutually exclusive? The truth is SEO and content marketing are very closely linked, and they work well together. As a matter of fact, you can’t have successful content marketing without SEO.

For anybody who’s trying to grow qualified search traffic, the key is to combine content creation with SEO. Running them separately will still get you a traffic boost; however combining them into one holistic campaign will yield better long-term results.

Are there any differences between SEO and content marketing?

Yes, the two are somewhat distinguished in a number of critical areas. For instance, SEO tends to be narrow and technical, while content marketing covers a broader area and is more inclusive. Now, having noted that point of difference, there’s also a way in which SEO and content marketing converge.

In order to apply SEO in a broader capacity, you have to channel some of its technical aspects into content marketing; and conversely, the success of content marketing is heavily tied to the application of SEO techniques.

Here’s another way to look at it: SEO makes several demands (words, articles, keywords, substance, verbiage, etc.), and content fulfills those demands. There is no escaping it; the two are interlinked. Let’s take a look at some of the main features of SEO:


You can’t argue that keywords are a fundamental part of SEO – from research, utilization, and the process of tracking your ranking of keywords in relevant SERPs. So how do you apply keywords into your SEO? The term is content marketing.

In order to use keywords you have to employ them in a strategic way throughout your content. This means creating quality, relevant content that targets real people, and including specific keywords in the content.

SEO requires linkbacks

Your website gets a major boost when a DA 98 or .edu website links to your content; such as a blog article. But the only way this happens is when you create stellar content and let people link back to it. This is a long-term SEO strategy that ensures
consistent growth through effective content marketing.

SEO requires onsite optimization

SEO isn’t just about keywords, articles, and linkbacks; its also about enhancing metadata, creating a strategic sitemap, utilizing the right tags, and optimizing your website for the robots. This is the technical part of SEO, and it is put in place to assist the user- whether they are reading, searching, or selecting content on your site. You can think of it as a way to enhance the user experience, and these technical components are in place to serve the user and to make it easier to promote content.

Clearly, the success of your marketing campaign is heavily dependent on your ability to link SEO with content; but lucky for you, this is our specialty. Here at we focus on creating reliable and long lasting SEO solutions, and we do this through a multi-faceted approach, incorporating all aspects of SEO (and we have tons of evidence to back up our claims). Do you need a SEO expert in New York City? Give us a call today.